About Me

About Me

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My background:

I was born in Brooklyn, NY and spent most of my childhood in Staten Island, NY.

From an early age I had a deep desire to become familiar with other cultures around the world.  After 9-11, I decided to quench my curiosity, and began traveling. I spent 6 years in Charleston, SC, followed by a year in an ashram in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains (VA). 

From there I relocated to the West Indies (Antigua & Barbuda) and, after four years, settled in my current residence in Austin, Texas.

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Why I became a therapist:  

My first instinct was to put all my energy into helping others.  My own hardships helped cultivate sensitivity and empathy with others, but as I matured into adulthood it became clear to me that it was really my own healing I was after. 

Growing up in a chaotic environment replete with dysfunction, I found a piece of myself in every client who ever came before me. 

My commitment to my own healing and personal and spiritual development has been my driving force.  It has become a chosen lifestyle.  

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During the course of my career I’ve followed my passions to expand my tool kit. As a teenager (15-19) I became involved in youth retreat programs, learning to facilitate and lead teams of peers for young people in NYC.  As a young competitive athlete (boxing, track, baseball, gymnastics) I was deeply connected to my body and its role in my emotional life.  

I went into recovery in 1990, which gave way to an exploration of mature masculinity, shadow work, psychodrama, and spirituality.  I was certified to lead men’s personal development retreats all over the world from 1995 to 2005. 

During that time, I was privileged to work as an apprentice to a shaman (1995-2005), and later took a year-long sabbatical in a yoga & meditation ashram in the mountains.  I was initiated into the American Sufi Order (2004) as well as Siddha Yoga, and was certified as a yoga instructor (RYT 200) in 2004. Yoga helped me integrate body, mind and spirit/breath into my work.

In addition, for several years I worked in the Deep South facilitating profound intergroup/inter-racial healing between diverse peoples.   From 2009-2013  I served as a Primary Addiction Counselor for high-profile clients at a luxury rehab in the Caribbean.  Along with clinical experience in addictions, that experience expanded me well beyond my limited notion of who I am as a white man in the world.  All of these diverse experiences helped shape me into a flexible, well-rounded human being with a deep treasure trove of gifts to facilitate the healing process in others.

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My approach to therapy:

My approach is steeped in trauma-informed principles with a bent towards Polyvagal theory and neuro-physiology: the brain and nervous-system dance, which involves the heart (HeartMath), breath-work, and an assortment of progressive modalities proven to support healing. 

I incorporate transpersonal (spiritual) material, gentle somatic techniques, poetry, and nature in my work. My clients describe my approach as very gentle, loving, and validating.

I hold space for every dimension of the whole person, approaching each situation with a firm grounding in compassionate-curiosity.

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What I like to do for fun: 

I’m an accomplished artist (pastels, acrylic, and digital) and writer, having had my works published by the Huffington Post, Good Men Project, Elephant Journal, and more. 

My #1 hobby is my dog, Jon Snow the Human Whisperer, Certified Emotional Support Angel.

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Quotes I find inspiring: 

“Safety is the treatment.”  - Dr. Stephen Porges  

“Good therapy avoids triggering the need to resist. For that a warm accepting emotional attitude is essential, especially accepting of the defenses and strong needs for safety and control that the defenses represent. These needs are mostly unconscious and so they are extremely potent. No matter what difficulties in pain they cause the client within the client's present belief system, they are logical and necessary. Acknowledging the defenses and honoring them, allows them to relax and makes way for important experiences to emerge. And working with defenses we recognize, acknowledge and accept them without judgment. Any other emotional attitude evokes them and entangles the therapist in the client's conflicts and character systems.” - Kurtz,The Hakomi Way

We Can Walk This Path Together

You have the power within to reclaim your life, and build a positive future, full of joy, purpose, and fulfillment. Reach out to me today, and together, we can make this a reality. 

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