A life of peace, joy and fulfillment is more than possible.

It's built into your original design. It’s your birthright.

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I often hear people say "I'm broken". That’s just a trick of the mind.

Objects break. We can usually fix them.

People aren’t objects. People don’t break.

We get disappointed, betrayed, abandoned, abused, and hurt in all sorts of ways.

There’s nothing to “fix” there. Our natural healing capacity is within us all, and in the context of a loving, safe presence, we inevitably heal.

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Fundamental Wholeness = YOU

“I’m broken” is a feeling, not a fact. It’s a bad contract you have - with somebody - to think of yourself as inadequate, unlovable or unworthy.

Our true nature is fundamental WHOLENESS.

Every single thing points us back to this realization.

Ask yourself: Who benefited from you identifying with that false notion?

Survival Mode:  You may simply be stuck in survival mode, doing the only thing your brain and nervous system know how to do to keep you safe.

Maybe you imagine you’ll never be able to change - never able to gain freedom from unhealthy vices, heal from past traumas, and finally take control of your life.

But those dark imaginings are just the result of a nervous system trying to find balance amidst terrific fear.  This is the echo of trauma in our lives. It drowns out clarity, peace, and broad thinking, all in the name of keeping us safe.

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A New Path towards Wholeness

Healing is not about fixing. It is about expanding into a new expression of who we can become. It’s about finding a way to channel painful experiences into wisdom that nourishes life.

It’s about finding the gift within our wounds so that we can embody grace, love and real joy.

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You Are Not The Measure of Your Past Behaviors

None of us are...

The past, who you have been and what you've done, does not define you.

By holding space for all of the various parts (aspects) or yourself - including all your inner-protectors and managers - meeting them with compassionate curiosity, gentleness, and appreciation, you will experience a new sense of joy and purpose in your life. 

This is your birthright.  You, exactly as you are in your natural state - embodying joy, purpose, and life giving energy - are your gift to the world. 

The best version of yourself sits within you waiting to sprout.  It seeks its fullest, most joyful expression. All it needs is light, water, and the nourishment of acknowledgement.  I wIll walk alongside you as you embody your highest and best vision of who you can be in this life. 

Step Into Your Wholeness

You have the power to reclaim your life, and build a positive future, full of joy, purpose, and fulfillment. Reach out to me today, and together, we can make this a reality. 

Hi, I’m Greg

Very likely I've been through many of the same things you're struggling with right now. My own struggles and traumas have invariably been the launching pad to share my gifts with the world. My traumas - and the healing they call out for - motivated me to ask:

"How can I use these experiences to serve others?"

Facing my own shadows has nurtured a sense of empathy and a deep understanding towards others.

I use a gentle, holistic approach that combines trauma-informed care with elements like breath work, spirituality, and nature. Clients appreciate the nurturing and validating environment I create, focusing on overall well-being.

Schedule a free consultation by clicking the button below, and we can see how I might be able to help. Look forward to speaking with you!

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It's my purpose and mission to help you build a life of peace, joy and fulfillment. Anxiety, depression, unhealthy relationships, and loneliness; these states don't have to be your normal.

What do you choose to create next?

Reach out to me today to schedule a free 15 minute consultation. I hope to hear from you.

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