Experiential Intensives / Retreats

Retreats in Austin, Tx

Experiential Intensives / Retreats

Retreats in Austin, Tx

The Experiential Intensives can be custom-designed to address a myriad of issues. 

The setting provides a gentle, compassionate template within a trauma-sensitive foundation to help people cultivate awareness, self-compassion, forgiveness, and an affirming, non-judgemental approach to addressing toxic patterns and outcomes. 

These patterns often involve addictions and/or compulsive, habitual self-soothing strategies; interpersonal conflict and relationship woes; and restorative approaches to healing disharmony within families as well as work-team. 

Military & Combat Veterans:  This is a speciality area that I am particularly passionate about.

Most of the veterans I’ve worked with - combat veterans as well an non-combatant, carry complex trauma/PTSD from their experience in the military.  

Many of them struggle with Moral Injury - deep shame when reflecting on things they did to survive combat situations.  

Many of them fall into depression with unrelenting anxiety and complicated grief which they never processed. Never having had any significant debrief upon returning from the military, many of these former soldiers / Marines struggle to be emotionally available to their spouses and children upon returning.  

The following are thoughts which combat veterans often face:

How could I have done such a horrific thing?  How can my children look at me the same again? How can I be worthy of love and peace after all that horror?  

The approach of the retreats:

Dr. Stephen Porges (Polyvagal Theory founder) put it best:  “Safety is the treatment”. 

My approach is firmly grounded in principles that support the cultivation of a safe environment most conducive to healing.  

These principles, such as: loving presence; deep respect; a belief in the fundamental wholeness of people; non-violence; compassionate curiosity,  all give rise to an approach that honors the inherent dignity of each person, reinforcing their need to feel safe, seen, and validated.  

Through a combination of sensitive interventions, I support groups in investing in these principles in such a way that the group becomes a potent vehicle for healing. 

From 2021 - 2024 over 1,500 men have participated in the Healing Heart Journey. Here, in their own words, is a sample of the post-evaluations we’ve received.

"This was unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of. I came with an open mind, no expectations, but this exceeded anything I could imagine."

"It assisted me in the process of dealing with the loss of my father."

"One of the best experiences of my entire life."

"Getting to watch Greg work was mind-blowing. The man is a wizard!"

"I was expecting to be broken down like in Basic Training (Army) but y’all didn’t do that, you broke the weight from a lifetime of trauma."

"I was breath-taken by the 'Carpet Work' Greg does."

"It was a mind-blowing experience."

"This was so beautiful. I can and WILL recover."

"The most beautiful thing I’ve ever been through."

"It was indescribable."

"Amazing. Made me realize we all come from different walks of life but in the end we’re all the same. A new honest and open life."

"This might have saved my life. Life changing."

"It was most definitely life changing. I feel complete."

"It was a mystical spiritual rebirth."


"Skeptical at first, loving myself by the end."

"Greatest breakthrough I’ve ever had. I struggled 20 years with my problem and got more resolution in 24 hours."

"Mind opening, heart opening, bonding experience. Years of therapy and nothing and no one has compared to the less than 24 hours of this experience."

"I didn’t realize that I was burying so much garbage in my life. Thank you, staff!"

"It was one of the most spiritual and special experiences of my life."

"Wonderful work, the dedication that Greg puts into it goes beyond words. A five-star experience."

"I was happy to be a part of something sacred. Recovery is possible."

"This was amazing. I thought for sure I wasn’t gonna have a new experience but I did."

"It helped me process the loss of my father."

"It was one of the most moving and fascinating experiences I’ve ever had. Everyone should experience this retreat."

"I was able to get connected and vulnerable with a great group of guys. I stepped through some deep fears and was comfortable and willing to let some of my deepest secrets and core beliefs out."

"This is truly a life-changing and beautiful experience."

You're not in this alone

You have the power within to reclaim your life, and build a positive future, full of joy, purpose, and fulfillment. Reach out to me today, and together, we can make this a reality. 

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