What Clients Are Saying After Working with Greg

When I first talked to Greg I was in a bad mental state, anxiety attacks, depression and lost. The first time I talked to Greg he taught me a breathing exercise that helped calm me right away. After talking to him I knew if I follow this program I could find the tools and peace I was looking for. It took me about two weeks into the program to find my groove. I could feel the momentum building day by day, week to week. In a short time I learned tools that I could use for the rest of my life. The routine of the program put me in alignment with what I want out of life. I’m grateful for Greg and this program, it changed my life.

If you're truly committed to changing the story you’ve been telling yourself of why you can’t be the person you want to be, this is the program is for you. Follow Greg’s instructions, dedicate your self to the program, believe you can do it and you will have the life you want.

~ Nick S.

Most of the veterans I’ve worked with - combat veterans as well an non-combatant, carry complex trauma/PTSD from their experience in the military.  

Many of them struggle with Moral Injury - deep shame when reflecting on things they did to survive combat situations.  

Many of them fall into depression with unrelenting anxiety and complicated grief which they never processed. Never having had any significant debrief upon returning from the military, many of these former soldiers / Marines struggle to be emotionally available to their spouses and children upon returning.  

~ Deb P

I signed up for Greg's 30 Day Intensive Program, not knowing how such a short period of work could overcome a lifetime of guilt and self-blame. I was deep into a year with no joy, no enthusiasm, no direction.
I felt like a poor husband, father and man. Within the first thirty minutes of speaking I could feel my life changing. He gave me hope that better things were possible, that a better life was possible, and that it was all my decision to make it so.

Greg is empowering, compassionate, enthusiastic and understanding. Meditating in the morning and speaking at night, I felt like his only client. The personal connection is undeniable. The methods he taught me will be with me for the rest of my life- a beautiful one at that!

The choice is yours.
Decide to have a better life. Call him!

And Greg, thank you for everything! Like I wrote, I've rediscovered my joy, my drive and my dreams. I'm so grateful!

~ Ben S.

In the short time that I have been using Greg's process, I have experienced changes in many areas of my life.
I've succeeded in shifting a chronic pain pattern that had not budged with other methods.

I now have a daily practice that challenges me to be intentional – with my day, my mind, my life.

Greg is a master. His work is a gift.
Magic still exists.
It is possible to change. I know that I’m not the same.

Everyone should have a chance to work with someone like this.

I wish everyone could experience aligning with a wise, authentic and inspired guide to dive deep, excavate beliefs, shape a new future…
or reality itself.

If you are reading this and have the feeling that it is for you, trust THAT.

~ Kelly C.

Greg is AMAZING and I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone committed to truly transforming their outlook, mindset and life. With the tools, insights and practices he taught me, I'm now able to start each day excited and consciously choosing how I would like to be and how I want my day to unfold.
Rather than living constantly in reaction mode, today I choose my life.

The techniques I've learned have also allowed me to live in the elusive "zone" on a fairly consistent basis. With this new way of thinking & feeling, I am able to overcome life's challenges more easily.
I'm much more conscious of opportunities to be of service to others.
Not to mention how much more enjoyable and satisfying my life has become!
It's been breakthrough work for me and there's much more to it. I'm so happy, thankful & blessed to have had an opportunity to work with Greg and to know him.

Talk with Greg. It might just change your life. It did for me.

~ Steven B.

In the short time that I have been using Greg's process, I have experienced changes in many areas of my life.
I've succeeded in shifting a chronic pain pattern that had not budged with other methods.

I now have a daily practice that challenges me to be intentional – with my day, my mind, my life.

Greg is a master. His work is a gift.
Magic still exists.
It is possible to change. I know that I’m not the same.

Everyone should have a chance to work with someone like this.

I wish everyone could experience aligning with a wise, authentic and inspired guide to dive deep, excavate beliefs, shape a new future…
or reality itself.

If you are reading this and have the feeling that it is for you, trust THAT.

~ Cynthia M.

Greg was really interested in me getting results quickly. I came away from every meeting with the answers I was looking for that day. Every meeting resulted in a door opening, an emotion better understood, a solution found to a personal or business situation.

The one single thing that separates Greg from the rest is that he pours it on like you are the only person in the world at that particular moment. The daily work involved in the intensive makes success practically unavoidable. I encourage you to set yourself up for success like you've never known by getting started with Greg as soon as possible.


For the nearly 3 months I have been receiving some coaching in order to break and transform a few patterns of thinking and behavior that I carried with me like an albatross through adulthood.

Greg has proved to be an inspired, interested teacher that

gently, persistently, allowed this Lotus flower to open. I was encouraged to feel my gratitude in my body every morning before, and after meditation. I now use the feeling and sensation as instruments to create this day.

I am grateful for the opportunities that have come from working with Greg. The possibilities for transformation are always present.

~ Padma Ma

As the CEO of an early stage growth company, focus and attention is required to keep the ship moving while nailing real life benchmarks. Not only is mindset fundamental to growing the business but there's so much value in remembering to slow down & breathe, to receive, allow and invest in a mindset that contributes to growth.
I've worked with Greg for the past 18 months and it's been phenomenal!

Not only has he given me a clear strategy to plan a reset-belief-system, but a practical path that keeps me in alignment with my vision. The practice Greg teaches is something I can take and continue growing in. Greg is a 5-Star individual who gives you 5-Star service from start to finish. If you're serious about taking yourself and your business to the next level, do yourself a favor and sign up for his program.

~ Casey Minshew

CEO & Co-founderEnergy Funders, LLCwww.energyfunders.com

Thanks to the practice that Greg taught me, which cannot really be separated from Greg's genuinely kind, and appropriately fierce, real-time feedback, I have made some insights that may prove invaluable to me in the long haul. One, on day 27 or so of the 30 day program, I realized that self-righteous anger was my first drug of choice, and I'd been taking it almost daily for 30 years. Totally worth the price of admission! Two, in the early minutes of one morning, just before starting my practice, I recognized "I'm not happy with my life" as a piece of my own base code. Again, a drug that I'd been taking almost daily for 30 years.

My anger and perpetual disappointment had become habits so engrained that I couldn't even recognize them as such. Now I can, and they have much less power over me. Three, the value of the morning practice is not to "change my life," which is way too big for me. It's value is to help me be sure to start with a good taste of joy and gratitude in my heart and an intention; thereby, improving my day. And then my whole life improves one day at a time.

~ Dr. B. MK

Greg came to me at a point in my life when I unknowingly wanted a change.
For years I was lead and directed by patterns in my life which kept leading me to a path that was not making me happy.
What I didn't know was this: some of these patterns didn't even belong to me but still had a great influence on my choices from money to love.
Greg helped my identify them, identify who really owned them and how to destroy and uncreate these patterns so that I was no longer influenced by them.
His process of journaling and meditating has helped me increase my abundant and exciting life even more.
It helped me appreciate all the wonderful things I already have in my life.

As a side bonus it has helped me in my business life.
Now when speaking with clients I am able to ask questions that get to the heart of how they want to change and it highlights what they have to do to realize these changes.

~ Jerry W.

Through his wise and loving guidance, Greg taught me how to use my breath to be in the moment, to ask the questions that help me savor the moment, and to retrain my brain to connect with all that is good, hopeful, and abundant.

Greg is steeped in both the science of the mind and the possibilities of the heart, and because of it, his 30-day mastery program became a true source of insight and inspiration—a gift that keeps on giving.

~ Ms. Marilyn M.

While working with Greg I was able to achieve a goal of mine that seemed impossible in the beginning. I highly recommend anyone that is serious about changing their entire life for the better.

~ Joy M.

Having experienced Greg's skills in another setting, it came as no surprise to me when I participated in the 30 Day Intensive Program in April 2019 that he surpassed all of my expectations and more with his teaching techniques, knowledge and insight into a “Creative World” I had not yet been introduced to or ventured down.

I was searching for growth in most aspects of my life, which had become mundane and repetitive within the recovery programs from alcohol and substance abuse. Seven years of sobriety, abstaining from dual addition I was miserable, discontented and very much unhappy within myself, with others and life in general. I had no additional tools in my tool box to repair or fix my disconnection with life as seen through my limited vision.

That all changed the day this “man with a swagger” came back into my life and turned it upside down. Greg positively guided me to observe how little I really knew about myself and even more so how little I knew about life and living. Even more astounding was the fact that Greg also taught me during the program that I had the power to create my own positive world of which, I never knew, such practices ever existed. I am still flabbergasted to this day, how through Greg’s teachings and guidance I create daily how I want to feel, what I want to experience, what I want to achieve, in turn how to visualize, connect emotionally
and manifest every circumstance I choose to bring into my life. It is still mystifying for me to fully comprehend that the simplicity of creating the life I want to choose can be so easily accomplished and have such a powerful impact within myself and to those around me.
Greg’s teachings, his compassion, gentleness and total devotion to his mindset programs, for me, the scholar, made up the perfect recipe for an everlasting, positive life changing experience.

It is very difficult to express into words the gratitude I have for this extraordinary human being. How he has changed my entire perception I had towards myself and the man I am becoming, towards life itself and to a Creator and a Universe with endless beautiful possibilities, for this and so much more I thank you Greg.

~ Terence H.

Greg is a singular talent with deep experience as a therapist, coach and team builder. I have known Greg's work for many year and I highly recommend him if you want to inspire and engage your team.

~ James Kornbluh, Jd.

Greg is one of the best group and one-on-one facilitators I have ever met. What makes Greg so good is his familiarity with multiple models and his overall breadth and depth of knowledge. He has an incredible gift for synthesis—combining aspects of various modes and lessons from various communities, to provide your group with the sort of facilitation that best meets your needs. Greg is also humble, blunt, and funny. I cannot image Greg providing a facilitation that he has not or at least would not undergo himself.

~ Bill McKenna, Ph.D.

Greg helped re-focus my mind on my future goals as well as helped me to design, think thru, and compose a strategy to starting my non-profit. Greg will help you formulate your plans, flesh out ideas and help you gain clarity.

Greg is perfect for someone ready for a change – any kind of life change. Someone looking to create a business and looking for guidance in strategy.
Someone who could use assistance thinking things thru.

~ Ms. Jody J.

Greg has a gift when it comes to engaging even the most resistant person in a group process. He came into the treatment environment as an outsider to the clients, and easily established rapport and trust to where he had them participating in deep experiential processes. He is creative, intuitive and truly is one of the most amazing group facilitators that I know.

~ Brenda Lee Gauthier, LCSW

Greg Turiya Liotta has been a teacher for me since we met in 2010. His wisdom, humility, and the degree/ quality of his introspection are inspiring, as is his writing. Elizabeth, Griff, and I have also found this morning planner super helpful.

If quality and authenticity were proxies for popularity, he would have a following on par with the other spiritual masters.

~ Adam S.

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