Trauma & PTSD

Clinical Coaching for Trauma & PTSD in Austin, Tx

Trauma & PTSD

Therapy for Trauma & PTSD in Austin, Tx

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Post-Traumatic Resilience & Growth

“Trauma” is just another name for any event, circumstance, or situation that overwhelms a person’s capacity to remain centered. 

It cannot always be identified by judging the severity of the event, since no two people react to things the same way.  

It can be a tragic violent experience, such as combat, a deadly car accident, or a life-changing illness. … OR it can simply be a consistent lack of validation, support and love from an absent parent.  

The impact on the individual going through it is more significant than the severity of the actual event.We ALL have some degree of trauma. 

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The Loving, Merciful & Compassionate Body  

Unfortunately, these brains and bodies don’t always know when a threat has passed. As such we can remain vigilant, on high-alert 24-7. 

It’s impossible to relax when that’s going on.  

This happens because the amygdala - a small, almond shaped structure at the center of the limbic system - is tasked with the responsibility to stand guard and alert us to any pending attack. Its job is to warn us of all potential threats. It's committed to take care of us and ensure our safety.

If it senses any kind of threat, the amygdala will signal the Vagus Nerve (ANS) to mobilize defensive / protective strategies:  fight/flight/faint/freeze/appease-fawn. 

If you struggle with anger or anxiety, it just means your sympathetic nervous system is activated.  It believes you need to fight or run away in order to preserve yourself.  This is how our physiology loves us.

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If fighting or running is not effective or favorable, the parasympathetic (dorsal) nervous system will activate, shutting down mobility and leading to hiding, procrastinating, isolating, dissociating, and/or toxic people-pleasing.  

Anger, fear, sadness, despair, or the desire to shut down and isolate are not “character defects”.  They are your system’s attempt to get you out of harm’s way and restore you to safety. 

We can bring compassion to that. 

Unaddressed trauma often settles inside of a person’s system until it becomes a debilitating PTSD, wreaking havoc on one’s joy, peace, and fulfilling engagement with life.  

Therapy sessions for PTSD
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The good news is that it’s very possible to soothe the amygdala and retrain the Vagus Nerve to support a more flexible, balanced experience. 

Rather than treating the symptom as an enemy to be conquered, we approach each one with a sense of appreciation and compassion.

We recognize these symptoms are simply trying to keep us safe, and for that we must be grateful.  We also realize that it’s possible to soothe the hyper (or under) active nervous system, and by way of practice we can gain mastery over our bodies and emotions. 

For most people, it is simply a matter of never having been taught how to do that. Dr. Stephen Porges, the Father of Polyvagal Theory said, “Safety is the treatment”.  

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Via the process of organicity (all organic life is designed for healing and self-repair), healing happens once optimal conditions have been established. 

In my work, I specialize in holding compassionate space for whatever symptoms your trauma presents. 

My work is deliberately geared towards cultivating a safe environment where you are free of the threat of judgment, shaming, and any kind of harm.  

By creating this sanctuary for all the hurt and frightened parts of you, as well as your courage, tenacity and resilience, healing blossoms. 

Call me for a consultation to explore how we might partner in this endeavor. Your whole life is waiting.

What Glorious New Life is Your Struggle Pointing You Towards Now?

You have the power to reclaim your life, and build a positive future, full of joy, purpose, and fulfillment. Reach out to me today, and together, we can make this a reality. 

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